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Capture Your Dreams!

Story by PrairieView School of Photography September 23rd, 2015


Master your camera’s controls and settings and learn how to create stunning images! Through informative and entertaining lessons you will go from wishing that one or two shots “turn out” to knowing how to take great photos every time.

Photo: PV Grad Kahren Sabater
Photo: PV Grad Trevor Johnsen
Photo: PV Grad Trevor Johnsen
Photo: PV Grad Trevor Johnsen
Photo: PV Grad Keith Pinchbeck

Launch a Photo Career

PrairieView‘s Diploma in Professional Photography is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in Canada. It attracts a broad range of people united by a desire to develop a distinctive photographic style and professional abilities. The course is designed to help students become eager, creative image-makers able to complete a variety of photographic assignments at a professional level. Through lectures, individual and group projects, demonstrations and plenty of hands-on experience, students learn the technical aspects of photography in a learning environment designed to foster discovery and creativity.