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First Field Trip of the Year

Story by PrairieView School of Photography September 28th, 2015

Friday, September 25

Every year, PrairieView Diploma Students make the short drive to Grand Prix Amusements for the first on-location shooting assignment. This year, the weather was great, the cars were quick, and students were ready with their cameras to capture the action!

150925CJW-6040-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6049-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg

Safety first. 

And yes, even PrairieView Diploma Programs Director Paolo Porquez took a lap around the track.

150925CJW-6054-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6150-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6058-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg

All about Shutter speed

The first assignment is all about playing with the shutter: slow shutter speed for motion blur; fast shutter to freeze the action; tracking the subject to pan. Tripods were a must!

150925CJW-6079-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6090-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6069-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6118-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6075-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6100-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6061-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6127-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6172-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6176-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6189-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg


It’s all about finding the right angle.

150925CJW-6192-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6215-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6218-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
150925CJW-6206-Caroline Wintoniw.jpg
Footnote: All images shot by PV Instructor Caroline Wintoniw
Grand Prix Amusements, Manitoba 1, Springfield, MB, Canada